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August 18

Visualize Hurricane Hilary with Stunning New MapsGL Demos

Stunning new demos – just in time to track Hurricane Hilary’s path. It’s a historic week for the Vaisala Xweather team for a few reasons: We’ve just launched our brand-new demo site on the AerisWeather website. This new demo portal allows users to toggle between MapsGL (vector) and Maps (raster) layers to visualize global weather impacts with industry and use case-specific focuses. California received its first-ever tropical storm watch today, with the currently-Category 4 Hurricane Hilary expected to make landfall as a tropical storm late Sunday night into the wee hours of Monday morning. We’re marrying these two events to...

Hurricane Henri Approaching the Northeast
August 26

Querying for Historical Tropical Cyclone Data with the AerisWeather API

As Hurricane Henri approached the Northeastern US this past weekend, I wondered how often a tropical cyclone has come within 50 miles of New York City, Boston, or other cities. How many were hurricanes? To answer these questions, we can use the Tropical Cyclones Archive endpoint within the AerisWeather API. This endpoint provides access to the complete AerisWeather historical archive for tropical systems, with data from the late 1800s for the Atlantic basin and the mid-1900s for the Pacific basin. When using the tropical cyclones archive endpoint, we find that 21 tropical cyclones have tracked within 50 miles of New York...