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Floods in Germany, 2002
August 5

Uptick in Flooding is Extreme, Global, and Linked to Continued Warming

Image credit: United Nations Climate Change Twitter Feed. All weather, like politics, is local. Increasingly, climate change hits home when it…hits home. Muddy, waist-deep water in your living room has a way of focusing one’s attention. The symptoms of a warmer, wetter world are hitting home with greater frequency and ferocity, becoming more apparent over time – harder to dismiss and deny. On July 29, 2021, the Chinese city of Zhengzhou (population 12 million) received a staggering 8” of rain in one hour. 24” of rain fell in one day – a year’s worth of rainfall.   Historic flooding in...

AerisWeather iOS SDK - Tropical Data
September 11

AerisWeather SDK for iOS – 3.1.0 Released

We’ve been releasing several new products related to tropical cyclones recently, such as our new AerisWeather API tropical cyclone endpoints and AerisWeather Maps Platform (AMP) tropical layers. And continuing this trend, we’ve also released version 3.1.0 of our AerisWeather SDK for iOS that now lets your iOS applications take advantage of both of these new products. Tropical Point Data Layer The biggest new feature in 3.1.0 is the addition of a point layer for tropical cyclone data. This point layer is similar to our existing storm cells and storm reports layers in that they are fully interactive and fully animatable...