Senior API Developer

AerisWeather empowers businesses by providing personalized weather services. We interpret the weather in new and exciting ways that challenge the standard set forth by traditional weather companies. We ingest, analyze, transform and visualize data from an assortment of sources to produce the best and most in-depth weather products. Our engineering teams adhere to the motto “by developers, for developers”, creating extensive and unique datasets, APIs and toolkits to make working with weather data considerably easier for developers.

Our developers enjoy opportunities to work on multiple projects, partake in varying roles across projects, flexibility to explore and utilize new technologies and encouraged to contribute to the developer community through open source software and how-to articles.

We're looking for a senior API developer to join our team in Eden Prairie, MN to...


  • Create APIs that developers love to build upon.
  • Leading a team to develop new weather APIs and maintain existing ones.
  • Ingest, transform and persist data from a wide array of data sources.


  • Strong understanding of Web APIs / HTTP / REST / JSON
  • Experience with design, development, deployment, versioning and maintenance of secure RESTful APIs
  • Comfortable with Server Side JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Linux / bash scripting
  • Six years of related experience with server side software development

Additional Considerations

  • Containerized application (docker / rkt) and cluster management (Kubernetes)
  • Cloud services (AWS)
  • Experience with TypeScript, PHP, MongoDB, Bash
  • Interest in weather and weather related technologies

About AerisWeather

AerisWeather creates custom solutions for weather-sensitive businesses and media properties. Aeris API and SDK toolkits power apps and websites worldwide, providing developers the cost-effective resources they need for success. Weather impacts roughly one-third of GDP, and it is becoming more volatile. Tapping the full power of Aeris allows companies to operate more efficiently, profitably, and safely.

Eden Prairie, MN