Fueling Curelator’s Migraine Research with the AerisWeather API


Curelator has partnered with AerisWeather to track weather conditions in conjunction with user-submitted health and migraine reports via their Android and iOS application. With the goal of mitigating migraines, Curelator drives research centered around measuring the impact of weather-based, emotional, and dietary factors on chronic migraines and studies the conditions that provoke and also prevent severe migraine headaches. AerisWeather enables them to do this by supplying a robust breadth of data via AerisWeather’s Weather API.

Migraine headaches are one of the more common chronic conditions among adults across the globe. With severe headaches causing lost productivity and higher than average healthcare burdens, they remain one of the trickiest health issues to prevent and treat. With chronic migraines impacting 2% of the world’s population, and three times as many women as men, the stakes are high for millions of sufferers.

The general knowledge-base surrounding migraines points to a variety of potential triggers, with everything from environmental triggers (like dust or noise) to weather (high barometric pressure, humidity), to diet playing a role. Given this diversity, drilling down into the most common causes and their physiological impacts on the human body are crucial to help improve the treatment of migraines and reduce suffering.


Our weather data API acts as a consistent input for every report Curelator receives. By logging the presence of potential triggers, headache frequency, and headache severity, Curelator’s proprietary mobile application generates 3 sets of maps based on an analysis of their data: Protector, Trigger, and No Association Maps™ alongside a personal report formatted for use by their users’ physicians. Utilizing a simplified form of data entry designed to minimize time spent logging phenomena, Curelator’s proprietary Visual Migraine Language makes tracking and discovering the factors surrounding migraines a breeze. This makes it even easier for Curelator's researchers to drill down to the raw data behind migraines with less room for errors and inconsistent data. 


Curelator provides an interactive graphic to explore migraine factors.

Curelator provides an interactive graphic to explore migraine factors.

Curelator empowers migraine sufferers as well as the medical community by distributing its findings via a number of academic publications, often diving into their own data to help fuel progress in research. Using Curelator’s data visualization (and resulting published studies) of a large number of anonymous patients trialed, one can see that temperature, wind, wind gusts, barometric pressure, and humidity all are contributing factors that can trigger or increase the severity of migraines. By providing these contextual weather inputs, AerisWeather greatly improves the value of this research and its ability to help reduce these woeful medical occurrences by helping healthcare professionals as well as sufferers themselves identify their potential migraine triggers and preventers.

You can learn more about Curelator on their website. To get started with our weather data API, try AerisWeather free for 2 months or contact our Weather Data Experts to learn more!

About Curelator

Curelator's N1-Headache app enables manual and automated documentation of headache risk factors (e.g. lifestyle and environmental factors), as well as symptoms, medication, non-drug therapy use, and quality of life. Curelator uses the documentation of these risk factors to conduct broad research with the goal of mitigating migraines and associated head pain conditions.