Truck Driver Power Helps Truckers Plan Routes, Stay Safe With Hyper-Local Weather Awareness


Today, a fleet of 3.49 million professional truck drivers operates in the US alone; yet the workforce volume falls short of satisfying the growing marketplace’s appetite. To professional drivers’ delight, Truck Driver Power has taken on the challenge of improving life on the road – most recently, with the addition of accurate local weather data available to them at any time. Both drivers and companies are looking to technology to maximize opportunities and minimize the variables that impact operational efficiency.

St. Louis, Missouri-based Truck Driver Power (TDP) is aware of these variables and in response, has created an application of the same name: Truck Driver Power. Available for both Android and iOS, the app improves communication, navigation, and safety, connecting truck drivers like never before with technology specifically designed for them based on feedback from real truck drivers.


Truck Driver Power’s app already provided thoughtful input along routes for weary drivers anticipating the next exit for a coffee fill-up or bathroom break. To push beyond simply being another navigation app, TDP sought to add further value for their users.

When considering aspects of the job that the application could support, weather was a natural input to seek. Whether delivering weather-sensitive COVID-19 vaccines or routing around a damaging hailstorm or icy roads, weather risks are very real for drivers and often present life-threatening circumstances. Truck Driver Power heard drivers’ concerns for an in-app weather solution and turned to AerisWeather for the best one.

Interested in adding weather to your own application? Reach out to our experts or take our API and imagery for a test drive with a free 30-day trial.


In partnership with the Truck Driver Power team, AerisWeather built a solution that includes radar, forecasts, and other advanced weather overlays and outputs for drivers using our weather API and Maps. Additionally, using the weather API’s route action, Truck Driver Power’s Navigation Mode displays live views of weather conditions and warnings along the driver’s way, with updates in real time.

AerisWeather’s conditions endpoint helps truckers gather interpolated conditions from nearly anywhere on the globe by simply tapping any point on the map.


The Truck Driver Power team filled the market gap by delivering a collaborative, community-driven application that not only helps truckers find parking and pitstops but is truly concerned with the safety of truck drivers and the goods they carry.


Interested in learning more about the free Truck Driver Power (TDP) mobile app or using their CDL recruiting platform? Download their application for iOS and Android today or email for more information.

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