TÜV SÜD Brings Weather into Risk Consulting Solutions


TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting is a global consulting services company that focuses in part on providing full-scale enterprise risk management and loss prevention solutions for their clients. In helping businesses assess their risk for various situations, they conduct annual, personalized on-site surveys for each client and train that clients’ staff on standard protocol and safety measures so that they’re prepared, should the need arise. Where applicable, they also deploy custom technology solutions that provide scalable and reliable real-time threat notifications.


In response to our ever-changing climate and increased weather volatility, TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting wanted to build on their existing risk management solutions to provide clients with localized weather intelligence. With a large volume of clients, each with their own multitude of physical locations, mobile assets & distributed employee base, TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting’s goal was to find an option that would help minimize time spent monitoring weather by all parties while ensuring the safety of their client’s customers and employees.


TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting and AerisWeather partnered to leverage Severe Weather Alert Webhooks across the US, Canada, and Europe. Webhooks ensure TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting has both the most complete dataset of active alerts and receives those alerts within seconds of them becoming active. Because Webhooks are posted to TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting’s servers, the posts trigger activities within their software stack to correlate between alert polygons and customer static and/or mobile locations, pinpointing affected locations and tailoring messages. Many of TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting’s clients have assets that number in the hundreds to thousands, making location-specific severe weather alerts extremely useful.


Webhooks are configured to post data to a customer’s servers or data ingest points as soon as new data is available for the geographies or locations of interest. This rapid and reliable delivery format empowers businesses to take swift action as soon as identified threats are known. Learn more.


Additionally, TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting has deployed a weather-enriched mapping functionality to display each customer’s facilities and any other important assets or field personnel they want to monitor for safety or impact. This integration enables clients to track and contextualize the weather at their sites and any severe weather notifications from their Webhook-triggered messaging.

Maritime Weather Alerting

TÜV SÜD's webhook and contextualized mapping integrations carry through to their maritime applications. Using datasets for lightning, alerts, and tropical cyclone pathing, TÜV SÜD can quickly identify potential impacts to their shipping vessel's delivery timelines - both in transit and at the port - to maximize efficiency and safety on the seas.


Webhooks cut through the clutter of broad geographies, numerous assets, and dynamic, relentless weather. TUV SUD’s clients now have the peace of mind knowing which assets are or will be impacted, automatically alerting to protect life and resources, and monitoring in near real-time through their web portal.

TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting’s use case provides a clear example of how a company, tuned into their client’s current and future needs, can deliver an intuitive solution that both frees up time and money while increasing awareness when and where needed. Weather-proof your business by letting TÜV SÜD Risk Consulting assist you with a full end-to-end solution, or reach out to AerisWeather to learn more about how we can help deliver a unique weather solution to your clients.


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