Weather API & AerisWeather Maps

Harness Weather Data and Visualizations for Your Business with Our Weather API and Maps.

AerisWeather API

A global weather API to power all of your business needs, from the basic to the most complex weather-influenced solutions.

Enhanced Weather.

As one of the most complete weather APIs available, AerisWeather gives you detailed and comprehensive data, because weather is more than just a simple five-day forecast.

Easy. Flexible.

A streamlined and flexible weather interface that seamlessly integrates into all of your applications.

Dig Deeper.

Advanced geospatial and location search capabilities combined with high-resolution weather data ensures you only get what you need.


AerisWeather Maps

A powerful and flexible mapping platform, with a variety of weather layers, for integration with your custom application.

Complete Solution

Whether you need a full map image or weather tiles to overlay onto third-party mapping libraries, AerisWeather Maps has you covered.

Advanced Weather Layers

We offer a wide variety of weather layers for your maps, from basic radar and satellite to more advanced imagery, such as forecast models and road conditions.

Quick Integration

Generate the exact imagery you need for your location or region using a location and zoom level and our map builder tools.

Need help getting started?

Check out our Getting Started guide for the Weather API, or our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, submit a support ticket and we’ll get back to you with answers.

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