API + Mapping:

Air Quality

Access detailed air quality information through your AerisWeather subscription.

It all starts with Flex.

AerisWeather's Flex plan includes access to our weather REST API and raster mapping features at the monthly volume of your choice. Optional add-on features include MapsGL, Lightning Strike, Road Weather, Air Quality, and Renewable Energy datasets.

Flex pricing starts at just $275 a month when billed annually.


Multiplier-based access to the Air Quality Add-On

Simply turn on the ability to use the Air Quality Add-On features and start getting the data you need using our streamlined multiplier functionality. Each individual access to Air Quality Add-On endpoints and layers will count as 5 accesses against your Flex usage.

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See the world clearly with global Air Quality data and imagery.

Air Quality Index

Access air quality index layers and endpoints directly through your Flex plan - no add-on required. Flex delivers global AQI data at a standard 1x access rate. Valuable for applications where specific pollutant information, air quality forecasts, or Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) are not required.

  • Current air quality index value for locations globally
  • Associated category + category color for the requested location

Air Quality Add-On

Unlock access to Air Quality Add-On endpoints, raster layers, and MapsGL layers at a 5x access rate with your active Flex or MapsGL subscription. Air Quality Add-On data includes the following:

  • Current air quality conditions
  • 4.5-day global forecasts for AQI and individual pollutants
  • Individual concentrations of CO, NO2, O3, PM2.5, PM10, and SO2


Looking for more information?

For additional information on our air quality offerings, please contact us.