The Industry's Most Advanced Weather Data API

The Weather Data API by AerisWeather is robust, flexible, easy to use, and thoroughly documented. Our breadth of environmental data is constantly evolving, providing you the ability to action historical, current and forecast data around the globe. Fuel your business processes and decision science with the power of hyperlocal weather datasets today.

Advanced Datasets

AerisWeather's API meets the demand of an ever-growing legion of data scientists with historical weather data to support machine learning model training in a variety of AI applications. In addition to historical datasets, the API has advanced data endpoints for current, and forecasted conditions, severe weather alerts, tropical storms, air quality, and lightning. For those looking to accelerate automations with weather triggers, a number of the endpoints are also available via Webhook. Just reach out to our teams to enable advanced testing on your account.

Easy Integration

Free Python, JavaScript, iOS, and Android SDKs (software development kits) allow you to get up and running faster with the AerisWeather API. However, if you prefer referencing queries directly in your code, we have an API Wizard to help you build all the most common queries. And if basic isn't what you're looking for our robust Docs, Technical Support Team and Sales Engineers are available to help you build exactly what you need. Get started for free today or contact us to discuss your use case in detail.

Common Use Cases

For many years, “weather as content” was a consistent theme for many customers - whether it be a digital sign, website, consumer hardware or mobile application - weather conditions could be displayed. We’re still powering those application types but the landscape has certainly evolved. Today, a large number of use cases center around IFTTT automations - “IF the following environmental conditions are met, THEN do this...”. We’re also seeing a surging demand across industries to incorporate environmental data into Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithms. Whatever your use case, it’s fair to say we’ve likely seen it before and can help you get up and running quickly.

Industry-Leading Support

You don’t have to be a weather expert to add weather data and imagery to your project(s). Our team of technical and sales engineers have a strong understanding of software and meteorology, and will help connect the dots between real-world weather events and the impacts they have on everything from risk management to logistics, retail, and customer service. Technical support is available to all subscribers utilizing us for an air quality api, hurricane API, lightning API and many more. We also include those who are testing with our free developer tier.

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