The Global Weather API for Business

Our Weather API is flexible, easy to use, and thoroughly documented. Constant feedback from our clients drives the evolution of the scope of our data, providing the ability to return historical, current, and forecast environmental data worldwide. Power your business with hyper-local weather via the AerisWeather API.

Advanced Datasets

As one of the most complete Weather APIs available, AerisWeather’s RESTful API meets the demands of developers, product managers, and data scientists around the globe with access to historical datasets, granular forecasts, and unique data endpoints like severe weather alerts, tropical storms, air quality, lightning strikes, and wildfires. See them all in the Weather API Documentation and try the API Wizard for a sample response.

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Easy Integration

Free Python, JavaScript, iOS, and Android SDKs (software development kits) allow you to get up and running faster with the AerisWeather API. Interested in seeing what these toolkits can do? Visit our demos page to see some example applications.

Seeking an embeddable weather offering? Check out AerisWeather's WeatherBlox widgets and build your own with the WeatherBlox Wizard!

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Advanced Geospatial Capabilities

Advanced geospatial and location search capabilities combined with high-resolution data ensures you only get what you need. AerisWeather’s API supports a vast network of weather data sources from around the globe and, with an available GeoJSON output, is the ideal tool to merge weather data with geospatial structures both in consumer-facing weather data visualizations and behind the scenes. Combined with the power of the AerisWeather Mapping Platform (AMP), there’s no limit to how you geographically represent and visualize your weather data.

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Industry-Leading Support

Our team of engineers have a strong understanding of software development and meteorology. As experts in connecting the dots between real-world weather events and the impacts they have on various industries, our skilled technical support team upholds the original motto of AerisWeather with pride: By Developers, For Developers. Beyond our free customer support, Essential and Business Plans are also available for those who require more frequent and detailed services or who depend on maximum uptime for success.

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Free Trial Available

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This trial offers nearly every Weather API and Mapping feature and can be extended if you need more time to build.