API Add-On:

Renewable Energy

Harness current, forecast, and recent historical output data for energy farms.

What is the Renewable Energy Add-On?

High-quality observed and forecasted energy data for solar and wind farms across the United States and Canada. 

Look ahead with 7-day power forecasts at 1-hour intervals at the plant and regional level for real-time and day-ahead markets.

Look back at site-level estimated actual power data in 15-minute intervals for the last two days.


Renewable Energy is available as an add-on to a Flex subscription.

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Industry Applications


Demand Forecasting

Grid operators and balancing authorities use this data to run forecasts per site in their area to understand how demand is being met by the energy they produce and supply.

Asset Valuation

Asset owners and project managers use power estimates for regional sites to take a position on managing each project’s operations and the budgetary impact on their farms.

Energy Trading

Asset owners, power marketers, and energy traders use this data to capitalize on opportunities, mitigate risk, and make better investment decisions in real-time and day-ahead energy trading markets. 

Energy Farm Finder

Locate land-based and offshore energy farms in the US and Canada. Simply zoom to a location and obtain the API query string. Use that API string to query other locations by updating the farm ID.

Note: While clicking on individual map locations will not result in a charge to your account, running the API query string provided on each farm's information card will result in usage for your account if you are logged in, as your client keys will automatically populate into the query.


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