Webhooks and Pushed Data

Critical weather alerts and insights pushed to your device.

What's a webhook?

Our webhooks are powered by our rest API, but push data directly to your device when changes in your monitored weather variables are detected instead of querying for new data at regular intervals. For time-sensitive weather alerting, webhooks are our recommended solution.

Wide Variety of API Endpoints

Webhooks can be utilized to consume nearly any AerisWeather endpoint, though they are commonly used with severe weather. If you have operations impacted by severe weather events, such as lightning strikes, tropical storms, tornadic activity, or hail, we recommend webhooks. They provide rapid, actionable data as soon as the identified threats are known, empowering global businesses to automate notifications, to warn people, and take action to protect assets. Weather never sleeps and neither should your data.

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

AerisWeather’s webhooks are a reliable alternative to continuously polling for changes in data, which can lead to missed opportunities due to timeliness, stress about overages, and lack of confidence over completeness of data. Why limit yourself and your customers when you can take advantage of the efficiencies of server-pushed data? The quality and accuracy of data delivered via webhooks are of the same high standard provided by the AerisWeather API. Your tailored needs are reviewed in partnership with the AerisWeather team. Contact our Sales team today and utilize the added speed and protection of webhooks to give your business the competitive edge.

Get Started with Webhooks