While the vast majority of history’s producers have been at the mercy of Mother Nature, today’s growers and ranchers are the first generation standing at the doorway to the future – precision agriculture. Whether it be smart sensors in the field, drones in the air or machine learning tools in the cloud, the agriculture industry today has an incredible suite of tools in its toolbelt to maximize productivity and respond to weather conditions in real-time.

Farm Management Software

When combating the multitude of factors that can affect yield output and livestock health, AerisWeather has experience in obtaining and localizing the weather to remove one of the largest threats to year over year success. We partner with agriculture software developers and modelers by providing simple tools to gather the historical, current, and forecast temperatures, humidity, precipitation, alerts, as well as advanced data such as drought indices, active wildfires, lightning and winter snow depth. Reach out to an AerisWeather Imagery & Data specialist today to get you the tools you need to execute on behalf of today’s technologically savvy farmers.

Resource Management

Whether it’s the movement of inputs and implements to producers, the transfer of crops, produce and livestock to markets or, the long-distance movement of commodities via truck, rail, barge, or ship, your operation needs to optimize expensive equipment and protect valuable goods. Resource management tools are enabling farmers to focus on what they do best, farming. Let AerisWeather supply the weather imagery and data needed to power your tools with contextual environmental information enabling you to take your profits to the next level. The movement of goods paired with accurate weather data takes the guesswork out of the delivery of time-sensitive shipments and the safety of drivers, operators & pilots. Our weather imagery and data layers built into our developer friendly toolkits serve a wide-ranging portfolio of transportation applications today and are designed with the transportation application product manager in mind.

Agricultural Commodity Trading

Agricultural commodities are a staple of the global financial system. With weather being both an opportunity or a risk, yields hinge on optimal decision making in the face of forecasted conditions. AerisWeather supports quantitative finance professionals in using weather data to power machine learning models that predict the performance of agricultural commodity securities as well as companies focused on the production of these crucial goods. Contact our weather professionals to help you build the queries you need to optimize your trading algorithms.