Consumer Applications

From daily activity planning and severe weather management to recreational activities and immersive augmented & virtual reality experiences - AerisWeather brings your software applications to a new level.

General Weather Apps

General Weather Apps

Current conditions, 7 to 15-day forecasts, and severe alerts are typically the only information seen within common weather apps in the Google Play and iOS App Store(s). Bring your application(s) to life with unique data and mapping layers including HD radar, air quality, infrared satellite, and more.

General Weather Apps
Severe Weather Management with Map Layers

Severe Weather Management

Enterprise and consumer app developers can increase their user’s situational awareness with threats data and mapping layers including storm cells, lightning strikes, NWS-issued alerts, tropical cyclones, floods and fires. For those managing high call volumes, lightning and alert webhooks are available upon request. Keep your families & employees safe with AerisWeather.

Recreational and Activity Planning Apps

Recreational Activity Planning

Rain or shine, Mother Nature impacts the athletes, outdoorsmen and nature lovers using your application(s). Our observations and forecasts endpoints include temperature, UV index, probability of precipitation, wind speed/direction, etc. all of which can be displayed within the app for decision-making assistance. These exciting features as well as new experiences like analyzing historical weather-influenced performance keep users coming back, fully engaged.

Recreational and Activity Planning Apps
Mixed Reality and Smart Devices

Mixed Reality & Smart Devices

As technology evolves into immersive experiences, applications striving to lead will need to keep virtual and augmented reality in mind. From location-based gaming features to productivity tools, this new functionality can be dynamically triggered by real-time outdoor environmental conditions. Transform 2D informational apps into interactive connected realities with AerisWeather data and imagery.

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