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Weather is a differentiating data source that allows marketers to add context to their interactions and clarity to consumer buying trends.

Dynamic weather-powered advertising via Netflix

Dynamic Advertising

The world has become saturated with advertising, and finding a way to break through the clutter to resonate with your customers is harder than ever. However, by leveraging weather data you can reach customers when it’s most meaningful with content that engages and drives action. From sending movie recommendations on a dreary afternoon to promoting the perfect summer drink when it’s warm and sunny, you can leverage the power of weather data to create that relevant touch with your customers on a global front.

Dynamic weather-powered advertising via Netflix
Digital Marketing Analytics Report

Consumer Analytics

Marketers are data-driven for a reason. The idea that consumer buying behaviors are not affected by external and internal stimuli has been thoroughly debunked—and data is the answer to adding clarity to that picture. Weather data in particular can help you dial into your customers' purchasing habits in a changing environment. Model consumer trends and behaviors alongside AerisWeather’s historical weather data and leverage those models forward with global current observations and forecasts.

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Audience Experience

Pairing beauty, design, and functionality is an art that marketers have mastered in the digital revolution. Maintaining audience engagement is no easy task, and today's marketers are deploying weather data and imagery to generate dynamic content. With a wide variety of developer-friendly weather toolkits, AerisWeather can help you easily integrate weather into your mobile applications, domains, and products.

Weather-Triggered Ad on phone
Omnichannel marketing metrics

Omnichannel Marketing

Creating a brand experience across multiple platforms allows you to speak your customers' language on their terms and in their preferred channel. Is weather a contextual input across your marketing technology platforms? With our suite of weather SDKs and robust documentation, integrating weather in synergy across your marketing software or DMP is quick and easy. However, if you need help, our team of experts are here to help.

Harness the Power of Weather-Based Marketing With AerisWeather

Ready to leverage our weather data to support your digital marketing campaign? With our intuitive toolkits and flexible weather API, you can start building a fully customized weather-based marketing solution for your brand. We offer a free trial to allow you to get started developing today.