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Capitalize on changing weather conditions

Energy & Utility Solutions

Weather has a significant impact on both the energy and utility industries. AerisWeather offers a sophisticated weather alerting and forecasting tool so energy corporations can tap into the full power of the weather and utility companies can be prepared to quickly deploy crews to areas affected by adverse weather across the nation.

Aeris Enterprise Platform

Aeris Enterprise provides current and future forecasts and weather alerting in an easy to use internet or mobile platform. The interactive dashboard makes load forecasting quick and easy. Install Aeris Enterprise in your central command center, in the cab of each utility truck, or on mobile phones. This accurate weather information will make your operations more efficient, saving you time and money.

Location-Specific Forecasts & Alerts

Set location specific alerts to notify you when wind speeds will be optimal or when wind gusts could become dangerous for turbines. Other forecast based alerts include temperature, apparent temperature, and precipitation. With Aeris Enterprise, you will also have the ability to set up exclusive Storm Threat alerts which include details on precipitation intensity, hail, lightning and possible tornadoes.

Exclusive Threats Dashboard

Along with the current and future weather forecasts on the Aeris Enterprise dashboard, you can also access AerisWeather’s exclusive Storm Threats map. The threats map gives you all the severe weather information you need to make informed decisions. Protect crew in the field from hail, lightning, flooding, and other severe threats. From storm cells to storm threat areas, you will not find this unique weather information anywhere else.