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Energy industry leaders use weather data and imagery to protect employees in the field, predict demand shifts from heat, cold, wind and sun, and optimize their ability to meet the demands of shareholders, regulators and customers alike.

Power lines

Severe Weather Monitoring

There’s a storm approaching from the west—are your crews safe? With our ever-changing climate, it’s a question supervisors are asking themselves more and more. Our advanced weather API provides the observations, forecasts, and severe weather alerts your applications require to keep your employees out of harm’s way. Pair that with our industry-leading graphics tools to lend real-time weather animation to the conditions in the field, keeping your crew safe from nature’s spite.

Power lines
Tanker truck delivering fuel

Weather Mapping & Asset Management

Communication networks, support vehicles, pipelines, distribution systems—the list of assets in the field is long and dynamic. Whether it’s floods causing mudslides, high winds knocking down trees or cloud-to-ground lightning strikes, your department needs real-time visibility on storms and their projected paths. AerisWeather’s weather mapping layers provide all of this and more to power your Network Operations Center (NOC) and mobile weather applications.

Energy temperature demand graph

Demand-Side Management Applications

In today’s utility environment, it’s peak demand reduction that grabs all the headlines with public utility commissions—and no variable affects demand more than the peaks and valleys of extreme temperatures. Whether it’s an internal demand response application or a customer-facing energy management tool, AerisWeather has archived, real-time, and forecast weather data to help you deliver effective peak reduction exactly when you need it.

Energy temperature demand graph
Energy traders at desk

Energy Trading & Load Management Software

Whether you’re an ISO (Independent System Operator) managing a complex electric grid, a trader locking in futures contracts, or a utility balancing the daily loads of your network, accurate historic weather observations and forecasts are critical inputs to your operations. Temperature extremes can lead to the startup of peaking power plants, shedding of customer loads, or pulling of natural gas from storage—resulting in price swings. AerisWeather’s extended forecasts provide your team the information they need to ensure reliability and stability without any financial surprises.

Power Your Industry Solutions with AerisWeather

Our intuitive toolkits and flexible weather API make the process of forecasting and adapting to changing conditions easy—generating better results for your business. Let us connect you with tailored weather data to power your enterprise technology and advance your goals.