Insurance + Finance

Look to the future with accurate extended forecasts

Insurance & Finance Solutions

Every industry is impacted by weather. Negative impacts can result in major financial loses. However, with the right tools and knowledge, weather can be used to your advantage and therefore, increase profits. AerisWeather is just the company to help you do that.

Forensic Services

To help either support or debunk an insurance or legal claim related to weather, AerisWeather is able to use a combination of official weather data and meteorological expertise to produce a skillfully researched and professionally written report and comprehensive video analysis.

Aeris Enterprise Platform

Aeris Enterprise helps you analyze your operational risk by providing access to forecast data up to two weeks in the future. Receive advanced notice for a big winter storm or a dangerous hurricane. View Aeris Alerts briefings on the biggest weather events from across the country. These briefings include everything from storm timing and threats to impacts and risks. Use the Met Discussion feature to ask any weather questions to our team of highly experienced meteorologists.

Exclusive Threats Dashboard

Along with the current and future weather forecasts on the Aeris Enterprise dashboard, you can also access AerisWeather’s exclusive Storm Threats map. The Threats map gives you all the severe weather information you need to make informed decisions. From storm cells and storm threat areas, you will not find this unique weather information anywhere else.

AerisWeather Helps Homeowners Win Storm Damage Settlement