Patient health and wellness is advancing to encompass not only an individual’s daily activity and diet, but also their impact and interaction with their environment. Leaders in the Healthcare industry are differentiating themselves by providing context and insight to their patients overall health by leveraging weather.

Health Research and Development

Research & Development

It’s an exciting time in the healthcare industry, where advancements in machine learning are generating new answers to old problems for medical researchers. By cross-correlating ailments with unique data sets such as weather & environmental conditions, researchers are uncovering new links between a patient’s environment and their health challenges. And, by leveraging Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) in union with contextual patient data, optimal matches are now being highlighted between available trials and prospective candidates. AerisWeather’s healthcare weather API has the historical archive data that today's healthcare researchers need to analyze & model the impact of local conditions on health around the globe.

Health Research and Development
Actionable Insights on Laptop Screen

Actionable Insights

Today’s patient portals and mHealth tools are empowering patients to take control of their health with actionable insights. By combining external data sources such as air quality and ambient conditions with a patient's Electronic Health Records (EHR), healthcare providers are empowering an entire generation to move from reactive patients to empowered individuals. Imagine chronic migraine sufferers receiving notifications that the barometric pressure or wind gusts are approaching known-trigger points or, alerting COPD patients on their mobile devices that they should head indoors due to combined humidity and temperature levels proven to cause patient flare-ups. By combining patient activity levels in real-time with AerisWeather endpoints such as current observations and forecasted conditions, today’s healthcare providers are defining the next-generation of healthcare weather logic.

Internet of Medical Things Application

IoMT (Internet of Medical Things)

You’ve heard of IoT technologies but what about IoMT - the Internet of Medical Things? It’s a fast-growing collection of wearables, medical devices, and applications that can connect to healthcare IT systems via secure networks. The technology has the potential to relieve a huge burden on healthcare systems by connecting patients to their physicians, often avoiding unnecessary hospital visits. By pairing real-time data sets from the patient with pertinent weather endpoints and alerts, tomorrow’s physicians will extend their reach beyond the office and hospital and into their patient’s daily lives - offering a proactive approach to maintaining health.

Internet of Medical Things Application
Healthcare operations mobile application

Healthcare Operations

It’s not just patients affected by weather conditions - it’s the entire healthcare system. Operators are responsible for a vast network of buildings, employees, patient-flows, and vehicles in the field. Whether it's the energy efficiency of a hospital, refining staffing levels in severe conditions, or avoiding dangerous road conditions for an ambulance, it’s a safe bet that your operation is leveraging multiple software applications that could benefit from AerisWeather’s healthcare weather API. Add cutting edge machine-learning technology to the equation and tomorrow's healthcare networks will not only improve operational efficiencies, but will result in safe, happy employees/patients, both in the system and at home.