Machine Learning

Weather is becoming ubiquitous across industries in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Provid

Contact our Weather Data Experts today to add historical weather data for machine learning to your AerisWeather trial.

Breadth of Features

Weather offers a unique contextual depth to businesses and consumers that can extract value from first party data. From Air Quality, to Winter Snowdepth, Historical Conditions to Forecast Weather Data, the AerisWeather API offers a variety of parameters to big data professionals. With robust Documentation, Wizards, and software development toolkits for popular languages like Python, AerisWeather has a robust offering that enables subscribers to quickly and cleanly integrate weather.

Clean Data

For Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning professionals spending the majority of their time preparing and validating datasets, AerisWeather’s API is a breath of fresh air. A vast network of weather stations underpins our technology, providing accurate, quality controlled, and complete data reports on a frequency ranging from every hour to every minute. By partnering with governments, companies, and individuals globally to incorporate their proprietary data with our network, we ensure you have the highest temporal and spatial resolution possible.


Boasting a vast repository of historical weather data that is updated in near real-time, AerisWeather’s REST API provides data scientists the breadth of training and testing data required for today’s demanding ML projects. Our cloud-based infrastructure is completely self-scalable, allowing developers to confidently integrate our API data and mapping imagery knowing it will meet their volume and speed requirements. Weather can bring value to any application and AerisWeather is a team of engineers and technologists who are passionate about weather and ready to support our clients through even the most intense of integrations.

Compatible Formats

Flexibility and variety of data formats from your data partner(s) to support speed to market is imperative. Therefore, AerisWeather offers responses from our weather data API in JSON and GeoJSON formats which are easily ingestible and convertible to a variety of other formats. With the added flexibility to pull only the data you need or large groupings of data all at once, subscribers maintain complete control over the size of flat files and data repositories. In some cases, businesses lean on AerisWeather for the cultivation and organization of data into readily consumable text/CSV formats. Please reach out to our team today to assist with which process is best to meet your projects timeline and budget.