Make the most of outdoor activities with accurate weather forecasts

Recreational Solutions

Whether you are heading out for a day on the lake or hitting the trail for an afternoon of snowmobiling, AerisWeather has you covered. From consumer to business solutions, we have the accurate and reliable weather information that will keep you safe while enjoying the outdoors.

Mobile Weather Apps

Get the weather directly in your hands with our mobile apps. Aeris Pulse personalizes weather alerts like never before by providing notifications based on GPS location. This app lets you know if a strong storm is approaching, what the precipitation intensity is, and if lightning, hail, or tornadoes are possible. Aeris Wear brings radar and weather to your wrist with severe advisories and alerts sent directly to your device. Add data from our Aeris Weather API or Storm Threats add-on to your own recreational app so you can make the most of your outdoor activities.

Storm Threats API

AerisWeather gives recreational companies a way to integrate exclusive weather data into their mobile apps or webpages. Our Storm Threats add-on to our Aeris Weather API is a real-time weather threats API that provides instant information regarding approaching severe weather, including severe storms, lightning, and potential tornadoes.

Recreational Event Forecasting

Looking for up to the minute weather information for your outdoor recreational event? Aeris Enterprise gives accurate current and future forecasts for your specific location. This sophisticated enterprise level tool also allows you to set up custom alerts. AerisWeather offers exclusive Storm Threat alerts that will notify users if potential severe weather is approaching a specific GPS location so you can keep guests at your event safe. Any other weather-related questions can be answered by our team of meteorologists.

The Aeris Weather API Enhances Polaris ORV Trails App