Smart Home

The world of IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices creates an ecosystem for consumers to retrofit their homes with smart technology. Linking these gadgets with localized weather data and imagery provides a variety of experiences and services that were previously unimaginable.

Smart Home Automation via Hub

Smart Hub Automation

Competition is heating up as smart home hub manufacturers fight to be the dedicated brains for IoT products like smart irrigation sprinkler controllers, WiFi enabled swimming pool sensors, and robotic air purification systems. As physical and mobile-based software hubs attempt to connect and control a variety of in-home ecosystems, one commonality is the inclusion of localized weather data and imagery. Environmental data integrations enhance triggers within scenes for smart speakers, thermostats, plugs, and lights while bringing convenience and peace of mind to homeowners worldwide. AerisWeather brings historical, current, and forecasted datasets to the mix for all connectivity and automation needs.

Smart Home Automation via Hub
Energy Management via Smart Home Applications

Energy Management

Turbocharge your smart thermostat by ingesting our weather API data like global forecasts and current weather conditions. This localized weather feature optimizes HVAC system run times while enabling temperature adjustments on the fly. Machine learning algorithms analyze our historical data to train control systems models while other systems like lighting and windows (smart tint, blinds, shades) utilize daylight availability and forecasts to ensure comfort and minimize energy consumption. Add smart solar panels to the equation and tomorrow's homes will not only bring cost savings but a transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Storm approaching via warning on app

Personal and Asset Protection

Sending severe weather alerts to smart home security systems and professionally manned security operations centers (SOC) just got easier with AerisWeather API & SDK integrations. Whether it’s wall mounted displays or mobile applications, quickly notify home and business owners when rain, snow, lightning, tornados, hail, or even wildfire are approaching their location. These notifications give ample time to move family, pets, and property away from danger, especially if they aren’t in the vicinity. Since exterior security hardware can be sensitive to environmental conditions (precipitation, humidity, wind speed, visibility, sunrise/sunset, etc.) syncing this weather data with motion sensor and camera software assists with verifying conditions and auto adjusting default settings for best results.

Storm approaching via warning on app
Smart content display on refrigerator

Smart Content Display

Smart refrigerators, mirrors, tablets, and gizmos typically project current and future weather data to assist with daily activity planning. Take your displays to the next level with interactive weather maps including layers like radar, tropical storms, lightning strikes, etc. This fusion of dynamically rich data and imagery harnesses user situation awareness and engagement while promoting location-based content. Take advantage of AerisWeather's toolkits to streamline the integration process of weather within a plethora of smart home software and hardware products.