Transportation & Logistics

From adverse weather to poor road conditions, transportation and logistics teams rarely experience smooth sailing on any given day. That’s why leading transportation enterprises use detailed weather data & imagery to forecast and coordinate delivery efforts—fostering a smoother and more profitable supply chain.

Route Optimization & Driver Safety

Long haul trucking and multi-modal logistics are highly susceptible to inclement weather. Plan and adjust routes by integrating weather alerts with your fleet management software and minimize en route weather impacts. And, with in-cab notifications to drivers, organizations reflect that safety is priority number one. As an additional benefit, knowing how long inclement weather is going to persist, with forecasted weather layers, allows drivers to optimize their schedules by taking DOT mandated breaks during poor conditions and saving their valuable hours for better conditions. This leads to safer transits, greater operator satisfaction, and more timely deliveries.

Final Mile Delivery

Already the costliest and most complex step in the transportation & logistics system, scrutiny on final mile delivery is intensifying. With businesses and consumers embracing e-commerce, today's leading companies are responding in kind by leveraging technology throughout their order fulfillment algorithms. By integrating hyper-local weather data - both current weather conditions and forecasts - industry leaders have delivered real gains in terms of optimizing staff, assets, routes, and worker safety. And, with the addition of real-time weather radar, your network operation centers can visualize and circumvent the impacts of weather on your fleet.

Distribution Center Management

Distribution and fulfillment centers are the bridge between suppliers, retailers, and their customers; playing a pivotal role in both operations and customer satisfaction.  And, with the heightened delivery demands of e-commerce, businesses can't afford unforeseen weather impacts to their fulfillment and delivery commitments.  Smart businesses ensure the operational readiness of their facilities, employees, and regional network, with an orchestrated integration of AerisWeather's API and weather mapping platform. Whether it's your ERP or facility management software, smart weather integrations allow you to minimize disruptions to your supply chain.

Perishable Goods

While route optimization has always been important for carriers of perishable products it’s the dawn of e-commerce that has heightened the focus on delivery time and customer satisfaction. Food & beverage, vaccines, plants, chemicals, etc. the list of perishable products is long - all sharing a sensitivity to ambient conditions (temperature, humidity, air pressure). Add to that the challenges of uncertain exposure times of products sitting on docks or doorsteps, and your problems are compounded. With AerisWeather’s global weather API the historical, current, and forecasted conditions can power your delivery and packaging logic, resulting in successful deliveries and satisfied customers.