Manage transportation logistics with hyper-local weather

Transportation Solutions

Weather plays a very important role in the transportation industry, whether it is heavy snow creating traffic headaches or a record setting heat wave wrecking havoc on trucks’ cooling systems. AerisWeather provides multiple solutions to transportation businesses and logistics companies.

Interactive Weather Dashboard

Aeris Enterprise provides current and future forecasts and weather alerting in an easy to use internet or mobile platform. Install the interactive dashboard in your central command center or in the cab of each truck or the engine of every train. This accurate weather information will make your operations more safe and efficient, saving you time and money.

Customized Weather Alerts

Set up personalized weather alerts through an easy to use web or mobile platform. Notifications can be sent to multiple users. Alert types include forecast, NWS Advisories, lightning, and storm threats, which are exclusive to AerisWeather. Our own sophisticated algorithms will notify you if a strong storm is approaching your freightage. The alert will also include details on precipitation intensity, hail, and any possible tornadoes. Forecast alerts can be set to notify you when heavy snow is forecast to fall, so you can optimize your time and resources efficiently.

Real-time Threats Map

Along with the current and future weather forecasts on the Aeris Enterprise dashboard, you can also access AerisWeather’s exclusive storm threats map. The Threats map gives you all the severe weather information you need to keep your drivers safe. From storm cells and storm threat areas, you will not find this unique weather information anywhere else.