Travel + Hospitality

As warmer temperatures become the norm and weather anomalies like snow storms and hurricanes start to arise, those in the travel and hospitality industry can minimize liability and gain a competitive advantage by utilizing weather data and mapping features. Travelers visiting new or familiar destinations will have a heightened sense of security and situational awareness with the various environmental mapping layers and climate data provided by AerisWeather.

Revenue Management

Revenue management teams are continuously striving to improve ancillary sales models using metric of supply, demand, and seasonality to inform pricing decisions. In the ultra-volatile travel business, weather can act as an additional input, helping automatically gauge consumer sentiment for risk and comfort around trip cancellation and rental insurance or the likelihood of a no-show. The weather data API from AerisWeather allows you to maximize ancillary revenue around forecasted weather events allowing you to fill beds, seats, and cars with ease.

Asset and Operations Management

Maximize operational efficiencies and better prepare for severe conditions before they impact your business. Pad your bottom line by allocating staff, resources, and assets as needed with AerisWeather’s mapping layers and weather data. Utility and energy consumption can also be optimized with actionable insights gained from AerisWeather data & imagery analysis.

Digital Demand Generation

Travel and hospitality companies take advantage of weather-triggered dynamic advertising more than any other industry to date. The AerisWeather API functions within Google Ads or a DSP of your choice, allowing for automated bidding, start / end date, and other campaign features. Seperate yourself from the competition and compete for user discretionary income by pushing ads of sunny skies with live current observational data to those experiencing undesirable conditions.

Destination Planning & Management

Increase platform value and agent effectiveness by offering smart weather filters to assist with destination planning while including a 15-day forecast tab to help better manage travel plans. Minimize delays and interruptions by monitoring tropical events and severe conditions including poor air quality or tornadic activity. Overall, those entering new locations will appreciate the added planning and management benefits that come alongside AerisWeather integrations.