Aeris Enterprise

Ultimate forecast customization through personalized weather alerts.

Stay Ahead of the Weather

Aeris Enterprise has everything you need to be prepared for another day in the elements. This advanced forecasting tool is available through phone, tablet, and desktop access. Aeris Enterprise offers everything from personalized weather alerts to a meteorologist chat feature to a multitude of data layers.

Custom Future Alerts

Welcome to the next generation of weather alerting! Would you like to know when the heat index is forecast to be 95F or higher within the next 24 hours? How about if more than 2 inches of snow will fall by tomorrow morning? Aeris Enterprise makes it easy and convenient to set up these types of customized alerts for each of your specified locations. Simply set a threshold for each featured forecast parameter. These parameters include precipitation, temperature, apparent temperature, wind speed, and wind gusts. Then, we will send you a text, e-mail, or phone alert when your specific thresholds will be met or exceeded.

Threat Alerts

AerisWeather uses our own sophisticated algorithms to derive the most accurate severe weather forecasts out there. We have a proven track record in predicting areas prone to not only severe weather, but large hail and even tornadoes. We want to enable you and your business to be prepared for any type of weather by equipping you with our exclusive Storm Threat Alerts.

Data Layers

Optimize your company’s productivity with the ability to analyze weather threats that could impact your job site. An extensive list of data layers will be tailored to fit your specific business needs. Some of the layers include: surface wind speed, 80m wind speed, apparent temperature, precipitation, and more.

Ask a Meteorologist

Eliminate forecast uncertainty by viewing the Aeris Enterprise meteorological briefings. Written by one of our experienced meteorologists, these briefings are focused on risk management and include everything from storm threats and impacts to precipitation amounts and timing. Get any remaining questions answered by consulting with one of our meteorologists using the Met Discussion feature.

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