The comprehensive subscription to contextualize weather data for your business.


Built to Power Your Most Critical Applications.

AerisWeather Flex is a subscription that combines our weather API and Maps at the monthly volume of your choice, built
with product managers and developers in mind to ensure smooth integrations for any experience level.

Starting at just $275 per month when paid annually.

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RESTful Weather API

Advanced Datasets:

A unique, ever-expanding library of API endpoints from a global network of sources, including historical dataminutely forecastssevere weather alerts, and more.


Produce the desired data using actions within your API queries.

API Wizard:

Generate basic weather API queries using our simple API Wizard.

*Helpful Tip: Signing into your AerisWeather account will add your client ID and secret into the API Wizard automatically!

Raster Weather Maps

Use your favorite mapping platforms like Google Maps, Mapbox, and Leaflet, to visualize your weather data in real time. Layers include global and forecast radarstormcells and alertstropical cyclones, and more.

Advanced Image Features:

Customize map layers with opacity controls, blend modes, blurring, and color modifiers to create your desired effect.

Dashboard Map Builder:

Quickly generate custom maps at any skill level with our step-by-step Map Builder.

*Must be signed in to your AerisWeather account to use. Get started for free here.

What Makes Flex Great?

Always Enhancing

Our broad library of weather data endpoints and layers – which includes access to premium data like historical weather archives – is constantly expanding. Our Engineers are always working on new and exciting weather integrations, and we provide as much of that data as we can to our Flex subscribers.

Monthly Volumes

Weather ebbs and flows daily. To accommodate this, our subscriptions are built with monthly volume limits so you’re not paying for data you don’t need on days when the weather’s just right. Plus, we send notification emails as you’re nearing your monthly limit, so you’ll always be in the know.

One-to-One Usage

Your subscription includes access to both our weather API and Maps. A lot of people ask if creating maps will use more of their volume than an API call. Think of it as two-for-one - Each request, whether from API or Maps, uses the same amount of volume.

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