API Add-On:


Direct, intelligent access to the world’s leading lightning network.

Introducing Lightning Threats

Harness threat zones up to 60 minutes before lightning is forecasted to occur for advanced decision-making with our all-new lightning threats endpoint.

What is the Lightning Add-On?

Powered by Vaisala's global lightning network, our Lightning Add-On provides AerisWeather subscribers with access to our world-class lightning data and pairs seamlessly with your existing subscription*.

*An active AerisWeather subscription is required to access the Lightning Add-On.


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World’s Best Lightning Data

The Vaisala global detection network provides reliable lightning information with unsurpassed location accuracy across land and sea, even in the most remote areas beyond the range of radars and satellites. Trusted by 80% of national meteorological lightning teams and the US National Weather Service and Federal Aviation Administration, the network is unmatched in quality, accuracy, and coverage.

Seamless Integration

The AerisWeather Lightning Add-On works in tandem with your existing AerisWeather subscription providing access to all lightning endpoints and mapping layers. Data and maps can be integrated directly or via a suite of SDKs, leveraging our robust documentation and wizards.

Advanced Features

Boasting a complete dataset ranging from 2016 through to real-time, forecast threat regions, and insightful strike metrics, the Lightning Add-On enables developers to trigger alerts, train machine learning models, and visualize threat areas. Leverage the power of lightning to solve your unique business challenges.

Choose Your Lightning



Flash data - think each and every “flash” of lightning, weather in the clouds (cloud-to-cloud, or CC) or a ground strike (cloud-to-ground, or CG) - in summary format to display or convey lightning pulse density data.

  • Previous 5 minutes of lightning data
  • 40km radius
  • Age (clustered)
  • Lat/lon (clustered)


Builds on Flash features for those looking for data on individual lightning strikes, including the specific location and lightning type – cloud-to-ground or cloud-to-cloud/intracloud – for the region of your choice.

  • Historical lightning data (2016 and on)
  • 100km radius
  • Lightning threats
  • Strike age
  • Strike lat/lon
  • Strike type
  • Sensor count
  • Polarity
  • Amperage

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