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AerisWeather API

A global weather API to power all of your business needs, from the basic to the most complex weather-influenced solutions.

AerisWeather Maps

A powerful and flexible mapping platform, with a variety of weather layers, for integration with your custom application.

AerisWeather MapsGL

High-quality vector-based weather data, imagery, and visualizations for your applications and custom solutions.


Quickly get started using your AerisWeather account with our variety of web and mobile toolkits.

Android SDK

The AerisWeather Android SDK helps developers quickly and easily add detailed weather content and dynamic maps from AerisWeather to any Android application.


Quickly integrate weather data and imagery into your iOS applications with very little effort.

Javascript SDK

A rich set of client-side functionality for accessing the AerisWeather API, rendering weather maps, widgets, and more.

Partner Integrations

Integrate weather data with popular business software through connected apps and automated workflows — without any complicated code.

Python SDK (Deprecated)

Conveniently add weather content and map data from our AerisWeather API to your Python applications.

Python Tools

A suite of tools designed to download API data with Python


Complete weather views and layouts that can easily integrate into web applications utilizing the AerisWeather API and AerisWeather Maps.

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