The following is reference documentation when using the AerisWeather Mapping Platform (AMP).

Map Layers

The following is the complete set of supported layers sorted by type for the AerisWeather Mapping Platform. Use our Map Builder to quickly generate your static map and tile layers with the layer combinations you need, or refer to our Map Access documentation for more information on requesting map imagery.


While the AerisWeather Mapping Platform currently does not add legends to the individual map requests, you can use the legends below with our various map layers as needed. To save a particular legend, right-click on the image and choose Copy or Save As and a vector (SVG) version of the legend will be downloaded. To request a raster version of a legend, change the file extension in the URL from .svg to .png.

Alert Types

A large number of alerts can be displayed on our alert overlay imagery, each with their own color on the map. Below is the full listing of potential alerts that can be displayed along with their corresponding color. There are different color tables for US/Canada alerts and global alerts.

Tropical Icons

Below are the tropical icons currently used with AMP's tropical layers. To download the full legend, log into your AerisWeather account and visit Tropical (Icons) in the Legend Generator.

Last modified: July 29, 2020