Aeris Weather Overlays

Heads Up! Aeris Overlays will soon be migrating to the Aeris Mapping Platform (AMP). Check out the latest Beta.

Our weather overlays allow you to overlay weather information onto any interactive mapping framework, such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Mapbox. In order to load the proper tiles into your mapping application and since our tiles are time-specific, there are a number of steps you will need to follow.

All overlays are rendered with a transparent background and are intended to be displayed on top of third-party mapping libraries. Therefore, we do not include a base map underneath the overlays and you will oftentimes find transparent tiles or overlay images without any data appearing, especially radar, depending on weather conditions at that location.

For example, the following image is a radar overlay for portions of the Ohio Valley where just the radar data appears:

Once this overlay is rendered on top of a mapping library, the location information is then available. The following is the same radar overlay rendered on top of a Mapbox map:

Check out our Getting Started guide to learn more about how to request overlay imagery and integrate into your mapping library of choice.