AerisWeather's API is one of the most complete and advanced weather APIs available and quickly gives you access to many different types of weather information. Not only is AerisWeather's content easy and flexible to use, but our set of toolkits integrate with our core weather API to provide you with everything you need to get weather integrated into any of your web or mobile applications.

Getting Started

You'll need an active AerisWeather API subscription and your application registered with the weather API in order to receive the required access ID and secret key. For more details about using our weather API, review our Getting Started information. Also review our API endpoints for a complete look at the types of weather data and options we offer with your subscription.

Quick Integration

If you are integrating the weather API into a Javascript or native mobile application (iOS or Android), be sure to check out our free developer toolkits for Javascript, iOS, and Android that already handle fetching and parsing API requests as well as full-featured interactive weather maps using our AerisWeather Overlays.

Last modified: June 17, 2020