API Actions

The following are the supported actions with the AerisWeather API. Note that some actions are not supported for certain endpoints. Refer to each endpoint documentation for a list of supported actions for that endpoint.

Action Description
:all Designates no action is required.
:id Typically used for passing a geographical location name or identifier such as city name, lat/long, or even US and Canadian postal codes.
affects Returns a list of locations that are currently affected by a weather event. Criteria for the location(s) can be determined in your query parameters.
closest Based on a location search, the results will be returned in order from closest to farthest.
contains Used with polygon based products (convective outlook, drought monitor, etc.) to determine if the queried location is inside of an impacted area.
route Allows you to pass several coordinates along a custom route to return data points at each location.
search A generalized action that is determined with the endpoints query parameters.
within Using a circle or polygon, define an area to search for results.

Last modified: July 30, 2020