The following is reference documentation when using the Aeris Android Weather SDK.

Object Loaders

Requests for data to the Aeris API from within your application can be made using a series of object loaders. These loaders automatically handle requesting and parsing the responses and return object models back to your application, preventing you from having to worry about API response property/format changes, parsing the data and handling of storing the loaded responses. You simply create an instance of one or more of the available object loaders, make the request with the necessary API parameters and your application will be notified once the framework has successfully loaded your requested data. All data will be returned to you as an array of object model that are tied to an object loader, allowing you to simply access properties on object models when using Aeris data throughout your application.

Data Layer Types

The following data layer types are currently supported within the AerisMap component of the SDK and are used with AerisMapView instances. Review the Data Layers usage documentation for more information on how to use these layers in your weather maps.

2.0 Migration Guide

Welcome to version 2.0 of AerisWeather's Android Software Development Kit.

Last modified: January 17, 2020