Getting Started

The AerisWeather SDK for iOS and tvOS is divided into separate libraries so you can only include what's required for your application. The two primary frameworks include:

  • AerisWeatherKit.framework
  • AerisMapKit.framework

If you are using AerisMapKit but using Mapbox or Google Maps SDKs in your application rather than the standard Apple Maps provided in MapKit, you would need to also include one of the following libraries:

  • AerisMapboxMapKit.framework
  • AerisGoogleMapKit.framework

Note that Mapbox and GoogleMap support are not currently available for tvOS.

Start Using the Weather SDK

You'll need to follow a series of steps to get started using the AerisWeather SDK for iOS/tvOS:

  1. Sign up for a free developer account if you don't already have an account.
  2. Get weather API access keys by creating a new project under your AerisWeather account for your application.
  3. Follow our SDK installation and project setup guides to integrate the SDK into your project.
  4. Review our usage documentation for loading data, creating a weather map or displaying graphs.
  5. Reference the SDK developer documentation for information regarding the classes, methods and properties used throughout the SDK.

Last modified: July 30, 2020