Getting Started

Getting started with the AerisWeather JavaScript SDK requires that you have an active AerisWeather account and have determined which implementation method you wish to use as detailed below.

Start Using the SDK

You’ll need to follow a series of steps to get started using the AerisWeather JavaScript SDK:

  1. Sign up for an AerisWeather API subscription service and setup your access keys as described in our AerisWeather API’s getting started guide. We offer a free developer account for you to give our weather API a test drive.
  2. Decide on your method of integration, either by loading the SDK in the browser or using it as an NPM module.

Script Usage vs NPM Module

The AerisWeather JavaScript SDK supports both browser-based inclusion and NodeJS module implementations depending on your project’s needs. In most cases, using the browser-based include method is the recommended method as it offers the fastest and easiest setup. However, if you’re building your application using NPM libraries or with a NodeJS server that doesn’t require a browser, then the NodeJS module would work.

Browser Script NPM Module
Easier to get started Requires more setup to get started
Already compiled to support ES5+ Must setup up a module bundler for browser usage
Limited library access using facade methods Full access to library classes and utilities
Must include entire script files regardless of usage More control over which classes and features are included in your project

Last modified: June 25, 2020