Modules Library

When implementing the AerisWeather JavaScript SDK using the core AerisWeather public interface, the library is broken into four separate libraries: (1) the core library and data/map request functionality, (2) core map and legend views, (3) feature rich map application, and (4) modules/extensions library.

In order to reduce the library file size, the Modules library is loaded separately at runtime and only if your code requires access to one or more of the built-in modules or any feature related to map modules. The Modules library public interface is accessed via the modules() method on your AerisWeather instance and is only loaded whenever you access this method for the first time. Therefore, if you only need the core requests functionality in your project, the Modules library is never loaded.

Working With the Modules Library

Refer to the respective documentation when using the module library with InteractiveMapApp and InteractiveMap instances.

Last modified: April 13, 2020