The AerisWeather weather API supports data requests for many kinds of weather related data, each defined by an endpoint. Endpoints refer to the types of data to request, such as a place, observation, forecast or advisory, and will be the basis for any request made to the weather API. You can check out the full list of AerisWeather API endpoints on the weather API endpoints page.

To request data for an endpoint, we can simply use the aerisweather object we created earlier, like this:

    obs_list = aeris.observations(location=loc)

All fully implemented endpoints can be accessed by using the aerisweather object and the endpoint name. For endpoints with more than one word, the space between words will be filled with an underscore like this:

    obs_summary_list = aeris.observations_summary(location=loc)

To make it a little easier to find the endpoint you need, the AerisWeather Python library uses type hints for all fully implemented endpoints, to allow code completion in IDEs that support it.

Although code completion is not available for beta or custom endpoints, you can still request data from them. That's a little out of scope for this section though, so for more information on that topic, check out Custom Endpoint requests.

Last modified: July 30, 2020