AerisWeather WeatherBlox is an exciting service that allows you to quickly add highly customizable weather content to your website. WeatherBlox is a library of weather components that can be used as individual weather snippets or combined to create complete weather pages. Since WeatherBlox support responsive design, these are perfect for both desktop and mobile web applications.

Follow our Getting Started guide to quickly add WeatherBlox to your site today!

Requirements + Compatibility

  • Requires an active AerisWeather subscription to the AerisWeather API (and AerisWeather Maps for displaying maps)
  • Compatible with modern browsers
  • Responsive design for display on desktop and mobile devices

Integration Example

As an example of how easily WeatherBlox can add weather content to your site, the following code can be used to add a full interactive weather page to your website (using your AerisWeather account's access keys):


<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>

<div id="wxblox" class="aeris-wrapper"></div>

const aeris = new AerisWeather('CLIENT_ID', 'CLIENT_SECRET');
aeris.on('ready', () => {
    const view = new aeris.wxblox.layouts.local.Main('#wxblox');
        p: 'minneapolis,mn'

Last modified: August 15, 2022