Version History

Released March 7, 2019

- Fix links not working for date/month/year selectors in monthly layout views

- Fix sunrise/sunset outputting

Released February 25, 2019

- Fix tropical cyclone view tabs not properly displaying storm listing when selecting a tab

Released January 8, 2019

- Fix `metric` configuration option not being used when cookies enabled

- Fix /views/forecasts/detailed view not adjusting based on value of `type` in configuration

Released December 3, 2018

- Add support for updating tabular data when changing dates (JavaScript usage only)

- Fix some view load and render methods not being triggered

Released September 5, 2018

- Fix issue with geo bounds center calculation for tropical basin map views

- Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Released August 20, 2018

- Added new tropical views and tropical cyclone layout

- Fix issue with map legend not updating when changing the map zoom/center

- Fix location timezone not being used for outputting sunmoon data

- Various minor bug fixes and improvements

Released May 30, 2018

- Added support for automatically including Leaflet dependencies for Air Quality layout if not already included on the same page

- Fixes several timezone-related issues with date-based links

- Fixes an issue with multiple advisory legends being rendered in some instances

- Fixes an issue with advisories links using the location county name instead of place name

Released May 7, 2018

- Added air quality views and layouts

- Added config option to disable use of cookies for units

- Fix issue with advisories modal not rendering properly

- Fix several issues related to date ranges in various views/layouts (e.g. Calendar, Obs Archive, Hourly Forecast, etc)

- Various fixes and optimizations

Released March 16, 2018

- MapViewer: added support for always showing past/future layers regardless of timeline’s current position

- PlacesSearch : fixed issue with submit button not submitting search request

- Fixed several issues with the MapViewer and MapController views

- Various bug fixes and improvements

Released September 15, 2017

- Added hourly forecast view and day forecast layout

- Added calendar view and layout

- Various bug fixes and improvements

Released August 25, 2017

- Added new normals view and layout

- Added new summon view and layout

- Improved error handling based on account options

- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Released June 19, 2017

Initial release

Last modified: May 18, 2018