Individual WeatherBlox views display a single dataset or data type and can vary in their size and level of functionality. Some views have additional configuration options specific to their supported feature set or functionality which can be found by selecting an individual view below:

View Description Sample
Advisories The Advisories view displays currently active alerts for a single location within the United States. Additional details about any active alerts can be viewed either modally from this view or using a static link to another URL depending on the view's configuration.
AirQuality The AirQuality view displays current AQI data for a single location. Additionally, configuration options allow you to access the extended forecast and nearby station views.
Almanac The Almanac view displays the average weather metrics for the queried location compared to current, and yesterdays, conditions.
ArchiveObservations The ArchiveObservations view displays the past weather conditions for a single day (hourly observations) or an entire month (daily summaries) at a particular location.
Calendar The Calendar component displays past daily summaries alongside extended forecast information for the requested month at a particular location in a calendar layout.
DayNightForecast The DayNightForecast view displays a short-term weather forecast for a single location in day / night increments.
Forecast The Forecast view displays weather forecast data for a single location. Additionally, this view allows users to expand the forecast day to view more detailed forecast data.
MapController A MapController view displays a single MapViewer instance with additional animation and timeline controls for adjusting a map's animation range and current time offsets.
MapListing The MapListing view displays a listing or menu of maps based on specific map categories or map types. This view is typically used alongside a MapViewer or MapController view to control the current weather data layers being displayed.
MapViewer A MapViewer view is responsible for displaying and managing a weather map consisting of one or more data layers. This view also handles animating weather data across a specific time range.

Note: We recommend utilizing the JavaScript integration method for this view.
NearbyObservations The NearbyObservations view displays the current temperature for multiple locations near the queried location.
Normals The Normals component displays the monthly climate normals for a single location.
Observations The Observations view displays the current weather conditions for a single location. Additionally, current active weather advisories and threats can be displayed.
Phrases The Phrases view will display phrasing based on the short term forecast over the next 6-12 hours, such as expected temperature trends and precipitation amounts.
PlaceSearch The PlaceSearch view can integrated into your application so your users have the ability to select which location they would like to see weather data for.

Note: The PlaceSearch view is only available using the JavaScript library method.
SunMoon The SunMoon component displays the monthly sun and moon information for a single location, such as sunrise, sunset, moon phases and illumination.
Threats The Threats view displays information about threatening weather in or approaching your area, such as precipitation intensity, lightning, hail and other severe weather conditions.

Note: If there are no current threats for the requested location, the result of this request will be empty.
Tropical The Tropical view displays a variety of view types depending on the desired output using the viewType configuration option.

Last modified: July 12, 2017