Zapier Basics

Zapier operates on a workflow of Triggers, Searches, and Actions, between Applications (Apps).  Please note that with the free (trial) Zapier account, you will be limited to 2 step Zaps.  (AerisWeather has created a few combined Trigger/Search functions to allow you to trial on a free account.)

To help you navigate the Zapier platform, below are a few common terms you will need to know.

  • Applications (Apps): Individual company software or product pieces that are used as a Trigger, Search, or Action to perform a piece of a task or workflow.
  • Zap: A complete task or workflow, consisting of a Trigger, Search, and Action between 2 or more Apps.  AerisWeather provides prebuilt Zaps to allow you to quickly integrate or trial popular tasks.
  • Triggers: What will start your workflow?  This could be a certain time of day, new account created in your CRM system, or a weather alert for an area of concern for you and your company.
  • Searches: After the workflow is triggered, what information is needed? The current temperature, weather alerts, or gathering forecasted precipitation amounts.
  • Actions: Now that you have the information you need, what needs to be done?  This can be sending an email alert, updating a meeting record in your CRM, or adding the information to an aggregating spreadsheet.

Last modified: February 26, 2020