What is the spatial resolution of your forecast data?

The AerisWeather API will generate point-based forecasts for the specific location (latitude/longitude) requested, interpolated within 100 meters of spatial resolution.

The source data and models used by the forecast endpoint may have different spatial resolutions that depend on a multitude of factors, including location, time, and interval requested. For example, source data for a forecast 3 hours from now may have a higher spatial resolution than a forecast for ten days. 

Our forecasts will blend multiple public and private models and datasets to help fill in gaps due to model limitations with geographic coverage, time intervals, and available weather attributes. With this blend, we can cover the entire globe for 15 days. Global models may cover the entire globe, such as the GFS (18km) and the ECMWF (9km). Regional models cover a smaller area with a higher resolution, such as the US NDFD, which has a 2.5km spatial resolution, and the Australian ADFD has a 6km resolution. Additionally, other data sources used within forecasts, such as radar and satellite, may have a 1km or higher spatial resolution.