Why am I getting a US location for a query whose location is outside of the US?

The AerisWeather API supports both city,state and city,country location searches where 2-digit codes can be used for state and country. For example, you could pass paris,fr and get results for Paris, France OR you could pass new+york,ny and get results for New York City, New York. However, there are times where city,state and city,country would look exactly the same. For example, Granada,CO could be Granada in Columbia OR it could be Granada in Colorado. The AerisWeather API will give priority to city,state queries as we support US, Canadian, and Chinese states / provinces. In order to work around this we have 2 options:

1. Add another comma to your query between city and country as this will force the 2 digit country code into the country section like so:


2. Use the full country name: