Support Tiers

What are the standard SLA levels?
Standard SLA levels are 99.5%

Can we receive API status reporting without a support plan?
You are welcome to subscribe to our status page but advanced status reporting is available only for Enterprise support subscriptions.

Do you have a live chat feature?
We do not offer a live chat feature at this time.

If my response times are already between 1-3 business days, do I still need a support plan?
Yes - we highly encourage customers to have a support plan to ensure response times are quick enough to match your business needs. Without one we cannot guarantee a timely...

Can I talk to a real human on the phone?
We offer phone support 9am-5pm CST for Enterprise Support packages.

For Essential or Business support do you require a minimum subscription level?
No - we do not require a minimum subscription level for Essential or Business support.

How do we receive product status updates?
Please subscribe to status updates on our status page:

What is the difference between priority response times?
Priority 1 – Four (4) hours Means an application defect that materially impairs global functionality or results in a regional outage, in each case for an in-production customer implementation, where the workaround...