AerisWeather Python SDK  0.3.1
AerisWeather Python SDK

Thanks for using the AerisWeather Python SDK!

The goal of this SDK is to make it easier for Python developers to add weather content and functionality to their various projects. The weather data provided by the SDK comes from AerisWeather's Aeris API. The AerisWeather Python SDK is built on Python v3.6.

This documentation was built using Doxygen, and is the detailed technical docs for the SDK code. For more information regarding how to get started using the SDK, including code samples and a demo project, check out the project page on GitHub, and the Python SDK Toolkit pages on the AerisWeather website.

To use the AerisWeather Python SDK you'll need an active AerisWeather client Id and Secret. If you're not already an AerisWeather member, you can sign up for a free developer account at