Customize advertisements with local weather

Advertising Solutions

AerisWeather’s expansive API provides companies with a unique weather-based advertising and marketing solution. Customized advertisements, campaigns, or promotions can be displayed based on local weather criteria defined by you.

Aeris Weather API

AerisWeather provides an advanced weather API to power all of your custom applications. One of the most unique ways in which our data is used is through advertising. Whether you are advertising a cool beverage or hot soup, we can help you get the information you need to optimize the weather so you can be sure you are displaying a relevant ad on web or social media.

Campaign Support

AerisWeather is readily available to provide complete usage and integration assistance throughout the development and implementation of your ad campaign. Once your campaign is live, we will remain committed to providing continuous support to ensure the API’s quick response times.

Boost Viewership

AerisWeather has the most comprehensive and accurate weather API out there. With our data powering your ads, you can be assured that relevant and useful ads will be viewed by the audience you wish to reach.

Netflix Utilizes the Aeris Weather API to Power Ads