Beat the weather.

Know precisely when and where severe weather will strike so you can be better prepared.

Exclusive Severe Weather Solution

AerisWeather uses our own sophisticated algorithms to derive the most accurate severe weather forecasts out there. We have a proven track record in predicting areas prone to not only severe weather, but large hail and even tornadoes. We want to enable your business to be prepared for any type of weather by equipping you with our exclusive Storm Threats dashboard.

Lightning Activity

Worker safety is the number one goal in every industry. The Storm Threats page in Aeris Enterprise assures that any crew out in the field will stay safe from one of nature’s biggest killers: lightning. Threats displays lightning strikes and lightning strike density on an interactive radar map so you know which storm cells may warrant a shift in operations. Aeris Enterprise also allows you to set severe alerts that will warn you if lightning is approaching your GPS location. With the Storm Threats page of Aeris Enterprise, you will always be one step ahead of severe weather.

Storm Threat Areas

Our Threats page is available through Aeris Enterprise. On this interactive dashboard, you will find several elements unique to AerisWeather. One of those is Storm Threat Areas. Using our own data and advanced algorithms, we predict where the greatest threat for thunderstorms will be. Our Threats page constantly updates, so you will always be looking at the freshest information.

Customizable Alerts

Weather has an impact on every industry. Severe weather can seriously hamper productivity and can even prove fatal if it is not taken into account when planning outdoor field work. With AerisWeather’s Storm Threat alerts, severe weather will never sneak up on you again. Get alerts tailored to your GPS location for heavy precipitation, hail, strong winds, lightning, and even tornadoes. These are not just ordinary National Weather Service alerts. These are advanced, exclusive alerts based on our unique algorithms.

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