See your weather illustrated.

Discover innovative and cost-effective ways to help tell your weather story.

Weather Videos

Enhance your presence with high-definition weather videos, the best technology, and credible, accurate broadcast meteorologists.

Innovative, Cost-Effective Solutions.

AerisWeather utilizes cutting edge technology, social media integration, and experienced meteorologists to deliver a compelling weather presentation.

Customizable Branding.

Easily turn our weather videos into yours by adding pre-roll or post-roll videos or images. Integrate your logo, your look, and your preferences into a custom video.

Team of Professional Meteorologists.

AerisWeather is comprised of a team of talented and knowledgeable broadcast meteorologists who deliver accurate and entertaining weather videos.


Aeris Air Time

Create a broadcast channel tailored to you and your viewers.

Advanced Technology.

With weather data pulled from multiple sources, information will be accurate and dependable.

Self Healing.

Rely on sophisticated equipment for an unparalleled experience.

Branded Weather Videos.

Integrate your look and logo into local, regional, and/or national forecasts recorded by our team of meteorologists.